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Ping Castle

Message par charles » 18 août 2020 23:14

Après 3 versions beta consécutives, la version stable 2.9.0 de Ping Castle a été publiée le 06/08/2020. Deux règles de contrôles préconisés par le CERT-FR de l'ANSSI ici : viewtopic.php?f=84&t=1447&p=5971#p5971 qui n'étaient pas encore intégrées ont été ajoutées.

Pour plus de détails :
* when building the map, the program was taking the first part of the FQDN as a shortname. Now it uses the Netbios name if it is available
* change tooltip description for the trust section of the healthcheck report
* added the rule S-DC-2008 and S-OS-2008 to check for obsolete 2008 servers which are no longer supported
* Fix: A-AuditDC - GPO at the root level was ignored and OU specific too. Now the GPO is checked per DC.
* Fix: A-AuditDC - Reword the rule A-AuditDC for better understanding
* change A-Krbtgt to be triggered only after 1 year (previously 40 days)
* Fix: In some scanners, the comma was used instead of a tab
* Fix: Avoid a crash if the security descriptor of the msi files cannot be retrieved
* Fix: better switch in case of failure of ADWS to LDAP
* Added the rule A-CertROCA to check for recoverable public key (ROCA vulnerability) [ANSSI: vuln1_certificates_vuln]
* Added the rule A-CertWeakDSA to check for DSA key use in certificate used for digital signature [ANSSI: vuln1_certificates_vuln]
* Added the rule A-CertWeakRsaComponent to check for low RSA exponent
* Added the rule A-WeakRSARootCert2 to check for rsa module length between 1024 & 2048 (friend of A-WeakRSARootCert)
* Added the rule A-DsHeuristicsAllowAnonNSPI to check if the heuristics fAllowAnonNSPI is enabled
* Added the rule P-RODCAllowedGroup to check for the Allowed RODC Password Replication Group group
* Added the rule P-RODCDeniedGroup to check for the Denied RODC Password Replication Group group
* Added the rule A-NTFRSOnSysvol to check the usage of the old protocol NTFRS on SYSVOL replication
* Added the rules A-DnsZoneUpdate1 and A-DnsZoneUpdate2 about DNS unsecure updates
* Added the rule S-DC-Inactive to check for inactive DC
* Added the rule S-PwdLastSet-DC to check for regular password change on DC
* Added the rule T-SIDHistoryDangerous to check for SID lower than 1000 or well known in SIDHistory
* Added the rule S-PwdNeverExpires to check for accounts with never expiring passwords
* Added the rule S-DCRegistration to check if DC are well registered (aka detect fake DC)
* Added the rule P-DelegationDCt2a4d P-DelegationDCa2d2 and P-DelegationDCsourcedeleg for DC delegation analysis
* Added the rule A-PreWin2000Other to be the companion of A-PreWin2000Anonymous
* Added the rule P-ProtectedUsers to check if all privileged accounts are member of the protected users group
* Added the rule S-PwdLastSet-45 and S-PwdLastSet-90 for workstations without the automatic password change disabled
* Added the rule P-AdminPwdTooOld to check for admin passwords older than 3 years
* Added the rule S-NoPreAuthAdmin, which is a split of the rule S-NoPreAuth, to match admins
* Added the rule P-DNSAdmin to check for members of the DNS Admins group
* Added the rule P-RODCRevealOnDemand P-RODCNeverReveal and P-RODCAdminRevealed for RODC checks
* Added the rule P-RODCSYSVOLWrite to check for RODC write access to the SYSVOL volume
* Added the rule A-NoNetSessionHardening to check if the NetCease mitigation has been applied
* Added the rule A-UnixPwd to check for attributes known to contains password
* Added the rule T-AzureADSSO to check for password rotation with AzureAD SSO (AZUREADSSOACC)
* Added the rule S-OS-Win7 to check for Windows 7. PingCastle is looking for support purchased from MS.
* Change the rule reports to include ANSSI rules
* Change the threshold of S-Inactive from 15 to 25% to match user_accounts_dormant rule
* Change the category of P-ControlPathIndirectMany and P-ControlPathIndirectEveryone to the new Control Path category
* Change the rule P-AdminNum to add a new limit of 50 admins
* Change the cagory of the rule P-DelegationEveryone, P-PrivilegeEveryone, P-TrustedCredManAccessPrivilege, P-UnconstrainedDelegation, P-UnkownDelegation
* Change the rule A-MinPwdLen to check only GPO applied to something
* Change the way GPO are evaluated in rules: if the GPO is disabled or not applied, no anomaly is found
* Change the rule A-MembershipEveryone to not trigger an alert when Authenticated users is a member of BUILTIN\Users
* Adding features exclusive for our customers, such as maturity evaluation, and charts
* Added the scanner export_user for a quick user analysis
* Added pagination and search in healthcheck report
* For AdminSDHolder users check, added the date in the report (written as 'Event') when the attribute admincount has been set (via replication metadata)
* Auditor & Enterprise licensee can now brand the report by using Appsettings/BrandLogo for base64 logo and Appsettings/BrandCss & BrandJs for raw Css & Js to inject
* make visible the rule ID in the healthcheck report in the rule description
* Removed BSI reference as the document is not online anymore
* Added ms-mcs-admpwd read check in delegations
* Fix members of admin groups outside the AD were not visible in the report
Sources : ... ngelog.txt ... ag/

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Re: Ping Castle

Message par michael » 20 août 2020 16:31

On prend des points à chaque nouvelle version... je vais arrêter de les suivre :lol:


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